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Laurie Harding

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wordy-rappinghood: I haven't even asked you out so why are you writing posts about me?

wordy-rappinghood i was waiting on a sassy response like i normaly receive in person or on here. you disappoint me.

Drunk. Why did I agree to a date. He’s too pretty and out of my league and I’ve liked him for too long. I’m an embarrassment. Boke.

I await your response wordy-rappinghood

One for seaneth , Sean Biggerstaff just before he stripped down to his boxers in front of us. oooooft.

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that photo does not do justice to how good i looked when i started my night out tonight.

Home. Drunk. Such a good night. Kurtis is such a prick.


*sees good art*
*gets excited*
*thinks I can art*
*tries to art*
*cant art*

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Mr. James Dean. 

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James Dean in East of Eden (1955)

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Regine Ramseier, a German artist, had the great idea to created a ‘Dandelion Ceiling.’ 2000 dandelion flowers were treated and sprayed with a gentle adhesive to fix them. The dandelions were then transported by car to a little white room where they were hung.

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