Owens leaving night before be moves. Pyjama party ongoing.

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jonandallthatjazz: Super stoked for you Alex, glad it went well 👍🙏😍🍝🍴🍷

thaaaaanks. this one did at least (i think). time will tell.

Anonymous: good luck, you good thing x

thank you mr/mrs anon. been too long since i’ve felt excited about something like this.


2008 was amazing

jesus. this was out 6 years ago and I still listen to this band regularly as if it was yesterday.

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tonight was so nice. amazingly good dinner sitting out in the sun and then drinks at my favourite cosy, candlelit pub.

fingers crossed yaaaa’lllll

wordy-rappinghood: shirt yes, cardigan no.

2 hours to go until going out for dinner. biggest stress right now is having no idea what to wear.

hoping it isn’t too busy so we can get a seat outside and get some sunnnnnnnnn.

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